Since January 2018 we have been rehoming dogs from China’s slaughterhouses, meat trucks and medical testing facilities. 


Our Mission

To find safe and loving homes in the UK and Ireland for dogs rescued from the most horrific of scenarios including slaughterhouses, meat trucks and medical testing facilities. And to provide advanced veterinary care from foster homes, for their dogs requiring but not limiting neurology, orthopaedics and cardiology; using specialists who are world and European leading.

We know 100% when our dogs go from us to Doggy 911, they will continue to receive all the love and care possible.
— Emily Parker, Co-founder of Harbin SHS

What We've Achieved

  • To date we have rehomed 57 dogs in the UK and Ireland.

  • Of those 57dogs, 6 have been disabled.

  • We have 3 dogs in foster in NI, 2 looking their perfect homes and the other needing further veterinary input.

  • In June/July we have 14 new arrivals. 1 of which is disabled and the other has ongoing medical issues.

  • We have a support network established to aid and assist orthopaedic , neurology and cardiac cases.

  • We also have support for continuing care with hydrotherapists and physiotherapists until the dog is at their baseline.