The little dog that started a whole rescue organisation. 



Rescued in the autumn of 2017 by a local lady from Harbin’s meat markets after 4 years of medical testing. She contacted Harbin SHS as she was concerned that Ollie and 2 other disabled poddles that she rescued would not survive Harbin’s harsh winters of sub 20 degrees in her exposed shelter. Harbin SHS took him in to find he had severe muscle atrophy, spinal curvature and badly deformed limbs. 

19th October 2017 Gabrielle Gardiner and Christopher Sheehan in Northern Ireland decided that they had to help. After a lot of research, they contacted Harbin SHS to get him to the UK to get the care he needed. Gabrielle and Chris did not yet know it but they where about to become founders of Doggy 911 Rescue with a passion to help more dogs like Ollie.


Ollie arrived in the UK on the 17th of January 2018 with five other dogs who flew out alongside him, all destined for homes in Northern Ireland.  Gabrielle and new team member Rebecca Boyce drove to Paris to pick up all 6 dogs. 

Since being in Northern Ireland Ollie has received world leading veterinary care at Earlswood Veterinary hospital, along with other rescues. This has given cofounders Chris and Gabrielle the drive to ensure others dogs receive the same opportunity.  After an intensive 2 month physiotherapy and hydrotherapy plan he can now walk on his stumps and run by hopping like a bunny. He even has a wheelchair but gets on better without it.

Sadly there are thousands more broken little pups in China.  We can’t wait to see more success stories like Ollie’s!