Foster to Adopt Scheme

This Scheme was established for adopters wishing to Adopt our dogs with additional needs. This is to ensure that these dogs get all the care they require as well as supporting you as the adopter. 



The normal adoption process remains the same however your dog will have a management plan with our specialists before they even arrive. At present we can only offer this scheme to applications in Northern Ireland. 


On arrival 

Your dog will be reviewed by Earlswood Veterinary and there they will determine what interventions your dogs needs. Doggy 911 Rescue will fundraise for this care to ensure they get everything they need. 


Passed adoption

The Dog remains under the care of Doggy 911 Rescue for 3-6 months. This ensures that the dog can get all the support and care they need to reach their baseline health; where no further improvement shall be seen. At this point your dog will most likely only be on a maintenance physiotherapy and hydrotherapy plan of once a month and they will have all the specialist equipment they need. We then pass off the adoption.